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Lauro is great! Very funny and entertaining.

-Robert Baxt |  Award Winning Comedy Magician

A Performer Like No Other

Lauro never gets lost in the crowd- just follow the sound of applause and he'll be smack dab in the middle of it. Lauro is a true entertainer, whose passion and talent brings a special kind of 

magical spark to any occasion.

Lauro Castiillo has performed thousands of shows over the course of his career where he started as a young boy doing tricks on the street. He has delighted audiences right before their eyes across the United States, fooled the most doubtful of celebrities, and amazes children and adults alike.

He was named the 'Orange County Magic Club's *Magician of the Year* in 2012 and has gone on to become a member of the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and regularly performs as one of the tricksters in 'Trio Magic'

With nothing more than the hat on his head and the cards in his pocket, let

the magic of Lauro Castillo bring a touch of wonder to your next event.

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Lauro Castillo Jr lives a life full of magic. He was born and raised on the island of Maui, HI, and knew from a very young age that he loved reading about and watching magic and soon was performing tricks for anyone who would watch- it was obvious that he was gifted at it.

Like many of his mentors, Lauro's interest was sparked by the local magic shop, in which he spent many hours after school buying and reading magic books. Lauro advanced from card tricks in class to performing for birthday parties and small crowds- even working up to an 'almost failed' attempt at Houdini's underwater straitjacket escape... in his community swimming pool.

When he saw audiences laugh and applaud, standing in amazement- he knew he wanted to do magic for the rest of his life.
After high school, Lauro got serious about performing and continued only to get bette...practicing nonstop and adding stage magic and illusions to his skill list. His dedication and hard work paid off when he landed a nightly job performing tableside close-up at Maui's premiere magic show 'KUPANAHA,' where he spent the next 10 years of his career.

Since then, Lauro Castillo has been called by the bright lights of the city- and moved out to Los Angeles, California to perform on stage and at events of all sizes. He is a proud member of the The Magic Castle and continues to perform in cities around the United States.



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A touch of magic...

for every event.

Close- Up &

Table Magic

Tricks performed right before your eyes. Tableside magic involves the highest level of audience participation- and Lauro will leave an entire crowd feeling like they were a part of the show.


From traditional card manipulation to out of the box illusions, Lauro shines will all eyes on him. Entertainment that is larger than life and gets a whole room shaking with laughter.

Corporate &

Private Events

Lauro is sure to impress the crowd with tailored routines to fit your event's style and budget. From performing for celebrities to fooling the watchful party-goer, Lauro's magic makes for a night to remember.

Birthdays &


Magic can be fun for the whole family and Lauro intends to acheive just that. With balloon animals or a set of 'linking rings,' this magicians role is to deliver a wild & valuable performance. 

Amazing Magic at Flexible Rates

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